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Learn how to create content with confidence and increase your growth and visibility

It's time to take your content to the next level with confidence

social strategy ✦ tutorials ✦  video coaching

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Confident Creator Community 

You will be able to share and request feedback on your content as you put our sessions into practice! Whether it’s regarding your strategy, video content, or general questions myself and your new community will be available for support!

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Social Butterfly Framework (6).png

Live tutorials on how to create video and edit using your phone. 

Social Butterfly Framework

During our coaching calls we will review each framework that includes: Strategy, Recording Social Media Content, How to add text, captions & more, & How to write captions.

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Group Coaching Calls

Weekly group coaching calls where we will go into detail on each framework. Each session will be recorded and uploaded into our community the following day and you will have access for 90 days following the last day of the course. Courses will be every Tuesday 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Social Butterfly Framework (6).png

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Top 3 questions you might have
before joining the course:

What Will You Gain from the Course?

  • When you are done with this course, you will leave CONFIDENT in your ability to create the perfect content for your Instagram and TikTok platform(s).

  • You will be able to apply the information learned to build your online presence!

  • You will receive all of the tools and resources you need to come up with the right ideas for your brand/business to capture the attention of your target audience!

  • Learn how I use video for my business so you can incorporate it in your business structure.

What will I learn inside the Course?

Week 1: Strategy

You will learn about social media strategy and the importance of having one for your brand. You'll also learn how to identify why you're using social media, what your ultimate goal is for your social media account(s), and how to set up a plan to achieve your goal(s). 


Week 2: Plan and Execute

Learn how I plan out my content and tools you need to be successful in planning so you can deliver your content and not get burnout. You will also learn how to execute your plan.


Week 3: Record and Edit

You’ll learn everything from what equipment I use, how long and short form videos should feel/be, where to record (space matters!), how to record, how to edit with my favorite editing software, and how to export your final video so you can post across all social media platforms.

Week 4: How to write captions and Understanding Your Insights. 

We'll review best practices for every aspect of a product page, including how to write the perfect product description. You'll learn how to highlight your brand's personality when talking about your products and services. We'll also discuss how to sell without sounding “salesy” and much more.

Understanding your insights helps you understand what your clients want to see and what resonates with them the most. It also helps determine what to measure. 

Who is the Course for?
Will it work for me?

  • For the business owner who wants to learn how to create and manage video content, this course is for you

  • For people who want to jump-start their online business

  • You're a brand who wants to learn how to use video content in your marketing strategy.

  • You're an entrepreneur and want to learn how to make videos with no budget

  • You want to learn how to make videos people will actually watch — videos that can grow your business.

I'm ready to for the course!

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